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Guide To Moving From Texas

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So I moved from Texas at the end of the semester. Thought I’d make a note here under “Guide To Moving To Texas” because, well, I wanted to finish the chapter. Sort of. Or add the final chapter, maybe. Not leave you hanging.

Moving was a bit complicated, to say the least. The apartment lease expired, the home insurance expired, the phone contract expired… a lot of things finished without me having to do a lot about it – or so it seemed.

The company I leased from wanted me to provide an American address to which they could send the check for the reimbursement for the deposit, which was a staggering 2600 USD since I’m foreign and don’t have a social security number (or conveniently have a parent with a social security number). I finally found a way to have it sent to an American address, and then forwarded to my home address in Sweden. And I had to find a bank in Sweden who cashes American checks. But really? If I hadn’t happened to know people in the US who wanted to help me out, there was no way for me to get my deposit back simply because I’m not American. Quarters On Campus have loads of foreign students renting from them so I think that was very discriminatory.

I still haven’t had my deposit back because they haven’t done their inspection of the apartment yet. They circumvented the leasing contract so I had no way of being there while they inspect. They say they’re going to take pictures to use as “proof”, but I’m not sure I trust them all that much…

Getting rid of all my things was a hassle too. I gave away most things that I didn’t bring home. Some of my American friends got my foam roller, yoga mat, queen size mattress, lamps, clothes hangers, and a few other things. I could have sold it, but I honestly wanted to give it away to someone who wanted it. Guess I was feeling emotional and thankful for my time in Texas… :’)

My parents came over for my last few days in Texas. I showed them around, and they helped me pack up my things and clean out my room. They especially enjoyed Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, where you buy meat by the pound and eat it off a paper rather than a plate. We went to the one on S Capital of Texas Highway. I’m not a huge fan of BBQ, but I don’t mind it. I’d never queue for Franklin’s, which is America’s best apparently and happens to be located in Austin. If you’re not a fan of queuing for 4 hours for a meal either, a great Texas BBQ alternative is Rudy’s!

After four days together in Austin, my parents and I flew off to the Caribbean to celebrate the end of my exchange, my birthday (belated by, oh, 6 months…), my mom’s birthday (while in the Caribbean), my dad’s 70th birthday (a bit ahead of time), and my parent’s 40th anniversary!

That’s where I am at the moment – and as a spoiler, after this I’ll return to Sweden for three days before I fly off to Singapore for the rest of the summer!

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